Transferring After Graduation

University parallel degrees (e.g. AA, AS, AST, AFA) are designed to transfer smoothly to public universities in the state of Tennessee. However, we recommend that students reach out to an advisor at the university they are interested in transferring to in order to learn any nuances.

View College Transfer Information and Articulation Agreements web page for聽more information.

are guaranteed to transfer to universities that participate in the TTP partnership when a student transfers into the same area of emphasis. for more information.

AAS degrees are not designed for transfer to most bachelor鈥檚 degrees at universities. However, some universities have very specific bachelor鈥檚 degrees for which AAS degrees will transfer smoothly. You will need to take additional general education courses. We recommend that you contact the Office of Advising for more information at

TTP stands for . Tennessee Transfer Pathways are specific university parallel degrees that are guaranteed to transfer to universities that participate in the TTP partnership when a student transfers into the same area of emphasis. for more information.

Some private universities participate in the TTP pathways. to see which institutions participate.

Many private universities transfer 缅澳门天天好彩 credits smoothly even for non-TTP degrees, but private universities鈥 curriculum is different from 缅澳门天天好彩. Please reach out to the university for more information on how credits transfer, and then provide this information to your 缅澳门天天好彩 advisor.

Public universities are state-funded, and thus often cost less than private universities. 缅澳门天天好彩 requirements are more similar to public university requirements, so credits might transfer more smoothly.

Private universities are not funded by the state, so they tend to cost more than public universities. However, you can apply for financial aid and scholarships at private universities, just like at public universities. Private universities are also often religiously affiliated. Many require religion courses (e.g., Bible classes, etc.)

Go to our Records & Registration web page and click on the Transcripts link in the left-hand menu to request 缅澳门天天好彩 to send your official transcript.

Not sure how to start researching universities? Here are some tips:

  • Make a list of all of the universities you are interested in exploring.
  • Make a list of all of the questions you have and things you want to know about each university.
  • Start with the university鈥檚 admissions website and read through the information.
  • Find a transfer admissions counselor. An admissions counselor is your preliminary guide for the university. Let them know you鈥檙e attending 缅澳门天天好彩 and you鈥檙e considering transferring after you graduate with your associate鈥檚 degree. They can send you links to information, tell you how to apply, what events are coming up for prospective transfers, etc. Keep in mind, however, that an admissions counselor typically does not do academic advising.
  • Find an academic advisor. Your transfer admissions counselor may be able to point you to the right person. This might be a faculty advisor or a full-time advisor. Ask them if you can make an appointment to look at your transcript and discuss how your 缅澳门天天好彩 credits will transfer, and what other courses would be accepted in transfer.

Lots of university information is at your fingertips. Keep it organized and get excited about all the opportunities out there!