Consumer Information

Consumer Information is referred to by the Department of Education as vital information about the availability of financial aid, the practices of the college, and information about the college that is provided to current and prospective students. 澳门天天好彩 has gathered the information below to provide an easy to use quick reference page with links to the vital information for your convenience.

If you need assistance with any of the information provided please Contact the Financial Aid Office.

Information 澳门天天好彩 澳门天天好彩

Below you will find links to information about the college in general.

  • Academic Programs 鈥 Here at Vol. State there are many academic programs to explore. From this link you can pick a program of interest to you, learn more about the program and link to the staff in that department.

  • Access Center聽鈥 澳门天天好彩 provides services to students with disabilities as well as information for faculty and the community.

  • Accreditation 鈥 澳门天天好彩 is accredited by the聽聽to award Associate Degrees and certificates. Contact the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of 澳门天天好彩.聽 In addition, many of the programs offered have additional accreditation by program specific agencies. The listing of additional accreditations can be found .

  • 鈥 This will link you to the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission鈥檚 web site for more information about the process of accreditation and their contact information for student complaints.

  • Admissions 鈥 Requirements for admission to the college and contact information to the Admissions Department.

  • Annual Campus Safety Report 鈥 This report shows campus wide statistics. The link at the bottom of the page for the PDF of the full report is updated annually.

  • Articulation Agreement 鈥 澳门天天好彩 has created transfer guides to aid students in searching what courses will transfer between institutions.

  • 鈥 These statistics show the student percentages of student athletes and financial support received.

  • - Information for 澳门天天好彩 can be found on the College Navigator web site to see the retention rates. Type in 澳门天天好彩 in the search bar. When you open the college page click on Cohort Default Rates at the bottom for the most up to date information.

  • - Vol. State has general eligibility requirements that cover the college as a whole. Here you will find these requirements. *Some programs may have specific requirements for the individual program. Please refer to your specific program of interest in the .*

  • Copyright Infringement Information 鈥 This provides all of the regulations regarding copyrighted publications and their use in student work.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program 鈥 Please see page 48 of the Annual Campus Safety and Security Report at the bottom of the page.

  • Drug Free Campus Statement 鈥 澳门天天好彩 is committed to the enforcement of the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act.

  • 鈥 Information for 澳门天天好彩 can be found on the College Navigator web site to see tuition, fee鈥檚, and estimated student expenses. Type in, 鈥湴拿盘焯旌貌殊 in the search bar.

  • FERPA 鈥 The Family education Rights and Privacy Act

  • 鈥 Information for 澳门天天好彩 can be found on the College Navigator web site to see the completion, graduation, and transfer out rates. Type in, 鈥湴拿盘焯旌貌殊 in the search bar.

  • Job Placement 鈥 The placement of and types of employment obtained by graduates. Under the heading of 鈥淒isclosure Information Index鈥 is the 鈥淧lacement in Employment and Job Placement Rates鈥 report.

  • Locations and Facilities - Vol. State offers several locations to suit the needs of the community in addition to the main campus in Gallatin, TN.

  • 鈥 The college bookstore lists the cost and ISBN numbers for all textbooks and class material on the bookstore web site.

  • - Information for 澳门天天好彩 can be found on the College Navigator web site to see the retention rates. Type in 澳门天天好彩 in the search bar.

  • 鈥 All forms of discrimination including sex discrimination and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited. The policy gives explanation of sexual misconduct and the reporting procedures that should be followed in the event that misconduct occurs.

  • Student Handbook 鈥 The student handbook has a wealth of information regarding general information, student rights and freedoms, policies and guidelines and much more. It is available to read online as a PDF or you can download it if you prefer.
  • 鈥 Check the cost of the textbooks required for any class offered.

  • Transfer Credit 鈥 Students may be able to apply hours earned at other institutions toward a degree at 澳门天天好彩.

  • Travel Study 鈥 Students can apply for scholarship assistance through the International Education Committee to aid in the costs of the study abroad program.

  • Tuition and Fees鈥 Keep up with the cost of tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students.

  • 缅澳门天天好彩 Employee Directory 鈥 From this link you can select any department of the college then click find to locate contact information and titles of the employees in the desired department.

  • Withdrawal 鈥 The steps needed to withdraw from a class or from school.

Information 澳门天天好彩 Financial Assistance

  • Apply for Financial Aid 鈥 Directions to apply for state and federal funds.

  • Book Credits 鈥 Information about using financial aid to help pay for books.

  • Financial Aid Refund To The Lender 鈥 This will explain the process of refunding the lender, state, or government the aid awarded to a student who has had to withdraw from school.

  • Financial Aid Disbursements 鈥 How and when will financial aid be disbursed?

  • Gainful Employment Programs 鈥 These programs encompass any Title IV financial aid eligible programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

  • Loan Counseling

    • Entrance Counseling 鈥 This is a federal requirement and must be completed before the college can disburse a new student loan. The instructions for Direct Loan Entrance Counseling will be found in the 鈥淗ow to Apply鈥 section of the page.

    • Exit Counseling 鈥 This is required any time a student has borrowed student loans and then drops below six hours of enrollment. Scroll to the bottom of the page for directions to the Exit Interview.

  • Loan Terms and Repayment Information 鈥 Loan repayment information, a basic interest chart, and how to see your student loan history.

  • Net Price Calculator 鈥 This tool helps a potential student estimate the cost of attending Vol聽State Community College.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress 鈥 The requirements to maintain financial aid eligibility based on students grades and completed courses.

  • Scholarship and Fee Waivers - This includes scholarships from the college and fee waivers for qualifying students.

  • State and Federal Aid Programs 鈥 Here you will find grant and loan information.

  • Tuition Refund Policy 鈥 Here you will find the refund schedule if you have to withdraw from school.

  • Work-Study 鈥 The Federal Work-Study program is designed to aid students with financial need in paying for school.